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What is Epoxy made of?

Epoxy is the cured end product, typically two resins that need to be mixed together before use.  Resin and a Hardener (catalytic).  Epoxy has a wide range of industrial applications eg. Protective floor and wall systems.

How long does epoxy coatings last?

Typically under normal wear and regular maintenance cleaning, Proseal coatings last 5-7 years

What determines the cost of getting your floor epoxied?

Cost is determined by the condition of the concrete surface and size

Do you need machines to lay the epoxy material?

Machines are used only in the preparation of the concrete substrate. By means of shotblasting, scarifying and Diamond grinding.

Are these floors toxic for animals or humans?

Today Epoxy resins are designed to be environmentally friendly with no toxic effects.

Are there different types of epoxy material for different situations?

YES, Proseal provides 100% solid epoxy systems for industrial applications, Chemical resistant coatings for areas that may come into contact with harsh industrial chemical spills, Electro Static Floor coatings for areas that require zero static charge and water proofing systems.

What are alternatives to getting epoxy flooring?

Alternative floor systems, concrete sealers, polished concrete systems, or your typical ceramic or vinyl composite tiles.

Do you offer any sort of payment plans, or financing for your floor coating?

Typically Proseal offers 30 day terms but will alter to meet the client’s needs.

Is it always necessary to shot blast the floor prior to installation?

Proseal prefers Shot blasting over other methods of preparation, as shot blasting removes 90% of concrete laitance, leaving a porous surface allowing the first application to penetrate the concrete to achieve an anchoring hold with in the concrete.

How long does this product typically take to cure?

Complete cure time for epoxy systems is 7 days. Epoxy floor coatings can be walked on within 8hrs of cure and 24 hours for medium traffic 48 hours for heavy industrial traffic.

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