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Conductive Flooring Toronto

Having a floor that may potentially create a spark, can have catastrophic consequences. This is why Proseal Floors offers conductive flooring to all of Ontario. All our conductive floors are static free, and are rigorously tested before we leave your building.

Certain industries such as;

  • Heavy Equipment Hangars
  • Assembly Warehouses
  • Clean Areas
  • Data Processing Rooms
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Certain Hospital rooms
  • Labs
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Solvent Storage Areas

Require a floor that won’t produce any sort of electric charge.

Our ESD and Conductive flooring epoxy is installed within the guidelines of EOS/ESD standards. This means that the ESD system will provide a resistance readings in the “static dissipative” range of 1 Million to 1 Billion Ohms, and resistance readings in the “conductive” range of 25 Thousand to 1 Million Ohms. This product gives its users a broad spectrum of chemical resistance with good abrasion and excellent impact resistance properties.

This system should be used in areas such as;

  • Semi-conductor and circuit board production rooms.
  • Electronic manufacturing, calibration and repair facilities.
  • Computer storage and data processing areas.
  • Military premises.
  • Aircraft hangers.
  • Aerospace industries.
  • Pharmaceutical plants.
  • Hospitals and testing laboratories.
  • Explosion hazard areas (gas, vapour, spray or fine dust).


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